Why are you here … ???

make online cash

… guess you’ve made some decisions

… like I did some years ago:

  • to invest in myself
  • start an online business
  • make a better income
  • have more free time
  • make your own decisions
  • be free to …


… but even though you know what you want to achieve you are unsure about how to get it done…


YOU are unsure which Web Hosting to buy?

Out there you can find thousands of Web Hosting offers – and each one claims to be the best – so, your only chance to find one that ‘suits’ to you is to know somebody experienced with Web Hosting or rely on ‘affiliate Reviews’ or the Web Hosts Advertising … or read this in whole.


YOU are unsure how to install WordPress in CPanel?

There is no reason to be unsure – check our post about WordPress CPanel Installation to see how easy it is.

Also we offer free WordPress installation, when you buy the needed Web Hosting through one of our links and we add some security options to your free WordPress installation that are unique, plus you will have the basic Plugins, needed for every Website, installed within our WordPress-All-In-One-Package.


YOU are unsure how to install WordPress Plugins?

Installing a Plugin is also easy done in a second and with a few clicks

You will get a basic Plugin-Set to start with – installed when we do your free WordPress installation – this will not cover any special needs but add some basics, that are not covered in a blank WordPress installation, like a basic SEO-Plugin, Backup, Contact-Form, Statistics, Cache, and more…


YOU are unsure how to get WordPress maintained?

We offer free WordPress Installation Services – as a complete and secured WordPress-All-In-One-Package ‘to go’

- and a cheap WordPress Admin Service to take care of Updates, Backups, Monitoring, and -in case- restoring your Website completely after you broke it – and this will happen.


YOU are technically challenged or ‘too old’?…

No argument that counts – we (almost) all have passed the 50′s and have started online a few years ago with more or less experience in Computers and Internet – but having someone you can ask helps a lot – this is why we partnered in 2009, collected information and experiences and lately started this Project to share these with you.


To be unsure is nothing new

every time you do something new

you ARE unsure

 just because you have no experience

… up to now.


What do you need to get started with WordPress ?


1.) You should have basic Computer skills,

like being able to install new Software after downloading it (-like Mozilla Firefox which is an unpayable tool when having a Website), and do some adjustments for better usage, and it would be helpful to know how the directories on your Hard disk are structured and how to add a new one or move/copy them to another disc or USB-drive. But don’t be scared – all Computers including Web-Servers are working similar, so having some basic Computer knowledge is enough.


2.) More important is – You need to have a Goal

- and are going for it every following day with more passion than the day before – without giving up too early, as it might be a long journey depending on your skills, niche and sweat you are willing to invest.

Out there on the net there are  almost 400 million Websites – ready to compete with you – and some are there for more than 10-15 years optimized over and over for years - I do not want to discourage you, I’m just mentioning some facts, you have to be aware of.

There are also, -I believe- 20-40 % of Websites out there that still have their title set to ‘just another WordPress Blog’ which is the default after installation – or sth. similar when using another ‘Engine’.

These are the ones that bought a Domain and Web Hosting after having an idea, installed some CMS and recognized that it means some real WORK and EFFORT to get everything done – and stopped right after starting and went on looking for some shortcuts like ‘get-rich-quick-schemes’ because it’s easier to buy this crap and continue dreaming of a better Life instead of living (and working on) their dreams.



Again, I don’t want to discourage you,

- but you must face the facts:

  • No Website brings money immediately after Setup
  • No Website works unless you make it work
  • No money will come to you because you are a nice person
  • You might get paid for useful Information and Services
  • You can earn money with ‘Fun stuff’
  • You can make money with selling physical or digital Product
  • You can make money offering ‘stuff’ from others as Affiliate


How to qualify for our free WordPress installation Service ?

Seems you mean it and are willing to take action as you are still here ?

95 readers out of 100 have never read this sentence, so it seems you are one of the 5% of winners that we would like to have in our Community to work for and with – we’ve made this Page a little longer, just to get the losers sorted out ;)  – means you have qualified already.


free WordPress installation help

helping Hand


So we are happy to have you here, and say ‘nice to meet you’

you have just qualified to have a helping hand for your first steps

and a free WordPress Installation.

So let’s share a piece of the way to success.


Take Action now:

  1. - get your free WordPress Installation
  2. - get it hardened (secured)
  3. - done by experienced Professionals
  4. - free Support membership, ‘the helping Hand’
  5. - free Admin Training, and how to’s 
  6. - for full 60 days


Sign up for your free Membership here…

(while we are still working to get the Membership area running pls. use the Contact Form for further Information)


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we would highly appreciate to see our work was worth our time

– thank you !



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